Ansul remote pull station, red plastic.

  1. Remote Manual Pull Station: This device is designed to be installed at a strategic location within the protected area, allowing individuals to manually activate the fire suppression system in case of emergency. Pull stations are typically equipped with a handle or lever that, when pulled, triggers the release of extinguishing agents or other protective measures.
  2. Model Number 434618: This unique identifier distinguishes this particular remote manual pull station model within the ANSUL product lineup. It aids in accurate identification, selection, and ordering of the component for installation or replacement purposes.
  3. Critical Safety Component: Remote manual pull stations serve as critical safety devices in fire suppression systems, providing a means for immediate activation of the system by authorized personnel in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. Their presence enhances the overall effectiveness and reliability of the fire protection system.
  4. Compatibility and Integration: The pull station is designed to seamlessly integrate with ANSUL fire suppression systems, ensuring compatibility and reliable operation within the overall system architecture. Proper installation and integration are essential to ensure optimal performance during emergency situations.
  5. Documentation: While not explicitly mentioned in the product description, it’s common for manufacturers to provide documentation, including installation instructions, operation guidelines, and maintenance procedures, to assist users in the proper setup and use of the remote manual pull station.