Ansul R-102 System

The Ansul R-102 system is a fire suppression solution primarily designed for use in commercial kitchen environments. This system is engineered to quickly detect and suppress fires, particularly those that can occur in cooking appliances, hoods, and ductwork. Here’s a detailed overview of its key features, components, and operational principles:

Key Features

  • Automatic Detection: The system is equipped with a detection mechanism that automatically senses the presence of fire, enabling rapid response even when the kitchen is unattended.
  • Liquid Agent: It utilizes a liquid extinguishing agent (Ansulex) that is specifically formulated to rapidly suppress flames and cool down hot surfaces while preventing re-ignition.
  • Non-Corrosive: The chemical agent used is designed to be non-corrosive and safe for use on cooking equipment, ensuring that kitchen appliances are not damaged during the suppression process.


  1. Agent Storage Tanks: Contains the Ansulex liquid extinguishing agent. Available in various sizes to accommodate different system capacities.
  2. Distribution Nozzles: Strategically placed nozzles ensure the extinguishing agent is dispersed evenly over the protected area, covering appliances and ductwork effectively.
  3. Detection System: A combination of fusible link detectors and/or a pneumatic detection system that activates the system when a predetermined temperature is exceeded.
  4. Manual Pull Stations: Allow for manual activation of the system in case of emergency.
  5. Control Panel: Manages the system’s operation, including activation and shutdown processes, and can be integrated with building alarm systems.
  6. Gas Shut-off Valves: Automatically cut off the gas supply to the cooking equipment upon system activation, helping to eliminate a potential fuel source for the fire.

Operational Principle

The Ansul R-102 system operates by releasing the Ansulex agent through the distribution nozzles once a fire is detected or the system is manually activated. The agent quickly knocks down flames and cools the cooking surfaces. Its saponification effect on cooking fats and oils turns them into a non-combustible soap, which helps prevent re-ignition. The system is designed for automatic operation but can be manually activated using pull stations positioned within easy reach.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspections are critical to ensure the system functions correctly in the event of a fire. This includes checking the agent level, inspecting the detection system and nozzles for obstructions, and ensuring manual pull stations are accessible and operational. It’s recommended that inspections are conducted by certified professionals at least semi-annually. The Ansul R-102 system is a vital safety component for commercial kitchens, offering fast and effective suppression of fires, which can prevent extensive damage to property and ensure the safety of kitchen staff and patrons. Proper installation, regular maintenance, and training of staff on the system’s operation are essential for its effectiveness.