ANSUL PULLEY ELBOW Corner Pulley – Compression Type – Model – 423250




Corner Pulleys are installed as part of the cable housing (pipe and conduit) and provides a 90 degree direction change with minimal loss of force and elimination of induced cable kinking.

  1. Corner Pulley Design: This indicates that the pulley is specifically engineered to facilitate directional changes in the movement of cables or similar components within the fire suppression system, particularly around corners or bends. The corner pulley design ensures smooth and efficient routing of cables, enhancing the overall functionality and reliability of the system.
  2. Compression Type Mechanism: The inclusion of a compression type mechanism suggests that the pulley is designed to securely hold and compress cables or other materials passing through it. This mechanism helps maintain tension and stability in the system, preventing slippage or disconnection of critical components during operation.
  3. Model Number 423250: This unique identifier distinguishes this particular pulley elbow model within the ANSUL product range. It allows for accurate identification and selection of the component during installation, maintenance, or replacement processes.
  4. Critical Component: Pulley elbows are essential components in fire suppression systems, particularly in systems utilizing cable-driven activation mechanisms. They play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning and reliability of the system by facilitating the movement and activation of various system components in response to fire events.
  5. Documentation: While not explicitly mentioned in the product description, it’s common for manufacturers to provide documentation, including installation instructions, specifications, and maintenance guidelines, to assist users in the proper use and installation of the pulley elbow within their fire suppression systems.