ANSUL-NFS 3 Gallon Low pH Wet Chemical Agent – Model- 79372




79372 3 Gallon Ansulex Low pH wet chemical agent for restaurant fire suppression systems.

  1. Agent Type: The ANSUL-NFS (National Fire Service) 3 Gallon Low pH Wet Chemical Agent is a specially formulated liquid chemical agent designed for suppressing fires in commercial kitchen environments. It is classified as a low pH wet chemical agent.
  2. Fire Suppression Capability: This wet chemical agent is highly effective in suppressing fires fueled by cooking oils and fats commonly found in commercial kitchens. It rapidly extinguishes flames by creating a cooling and smothering effect, while also forming a foam blanket to prevent re-ignition.
  3. Capacity: The 3-gallon capacity refers to the volume of the agent contained within the pressurized cylinder. This volume is sufficient for suppressing fires in various sizes of commercial kitchen hoods and cooking appliances.
  4. Model Designation: The Model 79372 indicates the specific configuration or version of the ANSUL-NFS 3 Gallon Low pH Wet Chemical Agent. Different models may vary in terms of formulation, packaging, or other specifications.
  5. Compatibility: The ANSUL-NFS wet chemical agent is designed for use with ANSUL kitchen hood fire suppression systems. It is compatible with the components and mechanisms of ANSUL R-102 and other similar systems.
  6. Application Method: The agent is discharged from the suppression system’s nozzles onto the source of the fire. It forms a fine mist upon discharge, ensuring thorough coverage of the burning surface and surrounding area.
  7. Certifications and Compliance: The ANSUL-NFS wet chemical agent may be certified by relevant regulatory agencies or standards organizations, ensuring compliance with safety and performance standards for fire suppression agents used in commercial kitchens.
  8. Storage and Handling: The agent is stored in a pressurized cylinder within the fire suppression system. Proper storage and handling procedures should be followed to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the agent.