ANSUL FUSIBLE LINK TYPE K 360 DEG F – Model – 439088




Ansul 360 degree K-style Link (red) for Ansul and other compatible brands. Part number: 439088

  1. Fusible Link Type K: This refers to a specific type of fusible link used in fire suppression systems. Fusible links are designed to release or activate certain components of the system, such as extinguishing agents or alarms, when exposed to specific temperatures. Type K fusible links are engineered to respond at temperatures consistent with their designation.
  2. 360°F Temperature Rating: The fusible link is calibrated to respond when the ambient temperature reaches 360°F (approximately 182°C). This temperature threshold is significant as it indicates the point at which the link will melt or break, triggering the activation of the associated fire suppression system.
  3. Critical Role: Fusible links serve as a vital safety mechanism in fire suppression systems. When exposed to elevated temperatures resulting from a fire, the fusible link melts or breaks, initiating the release of extinguishing agents or other protective measures to suppress the fire and mitigate its effects.
  4. Model Number 439088: This unique identifier distinguishes this particular fusible link model within the ANSUL product line. It helps ensure accurate ordering and replacement of components as needed for maintenance or system upgrades.
  5. Documentation: While not explicitly stated in the product description, it’s common for manufacturers to include documentation detailing installation instructions, temperature ratings, and other relevant specifications to ensure proper use and compatibility within fire suppression systems.