ANSUL Detector Series Kit with Scissor Linkage – Model – 435547




Series Detector with Scissor Linkage for Ansul Restaurant Systems. Includes: 2 Compression Connectors; 1 Detector Hook Bracket: 1 Detector Hook Assembly.

  1. Detector Series Kit: This kit likely includes various components essential for fire detection, such as smoke or heat detectors. These detectors are crucial for identifying the presence of fire or smoke in a protected area.
  2. Scissor Linkage: The inclusion of a scissor linkage suggests a mechanism for connecting the detectors to the overall fire suppression system. This linkage may facilitate the activation of suppression measures upon detection of a fire or smoke, ensuring rapid response to potential threats.
  3. Mounting Hardware: The kit likely includes mounting hardware necessary for securely installing the detectors and scissor linkage within the protected area. This hardware ensures proper placement and stability of the components for effective fire detection and suppression.
  4. Documentation: Instruction manuals or documentation outlining installation procedures, operation guidelines, and maintenance requirements may be provided with the kit. This documentation assists in the correct setup and utilization of the ANSUL Detector Series Kit with Scissor Linkage, ensuring reliable performance over time.